The Effects of TV: How To Be Happy and Live the Good Life

The Effects of TV

A new book explores the impact that a person’s media viewing habits can have on the quality of their life and ability to achieve happiness.

WEBWIRE – Thursday, November 15, 2012

Meridian, Mississippi, USA – This November, author J.J. Sylvia IV has released the book “The Effects of TV: How To Be Happy and Live the Good Life,” available This book focuses on the ways that viewing television can prevent one from living the good life. With degrees in both communication and philosophy, the author is able to bring these two fields together and make a convincing and thorough argument against television.

The amount of television that Americans watch each week continues to climb higher and higher, and this book allows one to take a step back and reflect on this activity. The average American spends more time watching TV than anything else besides their full time job, and Sylvia argues that it’s time to seriously consider the implications of this activity.

“Although I enjoy watching television myself, this is an important discussion we need to be having as a society,” Sylvia says. “I’m not advocating for anything so drastic as the elimination of TV – but I think we should be able to make educated decisions about how spend our time, and I hope that this book can be part of that decision making process.”

“The Effects of TV: How To Be Happy and Live the Good Life” is can be purchased as a Kindle book or paperback from The Kindle edition retails for $4.99, while the print edition is $9.99. More information about the book and it’s author can be found at his blog, Philosophy Matters:

About J.J. Sylvia IV

J.J. Sylvia IV has B.A. degrees in communication and philosophy and an M.A. in philosophy. Having taught philosophy at the collegiate, high school, and middle school levels, he is passionate about showing the impact that philosophy has on our day-to-day lives, and he strives to do this through the Philosophy Matters blog located at


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