People Like Us

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This post is part of a series by my students at Mississippi Governor’s School. As a final project, they were challenged with creating an idea that could be used on a massive scale to help others live the good life.

Thoughts on philosophy class

So many times we look at a problem and say “that’s awful”  “I wish there was something I could do”. And then we ignore it because we don’t think we can. Philosophy class really helped me find a lot of ways I can help. Sure it showed me there were more problems than I had thought in the first place but also that we aren’t completely helpless. We looked at so many different things you could do to make the world a better place. They are small but they will add up. I hope to go back to my school and set something up to help others find these too. Also JJ’s Class has caused me to question everything. Which is a good thing. Now I actually want to know what is behind this or how did this happen. I think if everyone thought like that a lot more would happen because we would not all be satisfied with a simple answer or fall for a lie so easily.

People Like Us

This would start out as a site for preacher’s kids. PK’s get on and connect with other PK’s while pooling information on their lives as a preacher’s kids. It doesn’t have to be all that serious but the goal is to have as much insight into the lives of this particular group as possible. The goal would be to produce a book on this group to break stereotypes and help others understand what they are like. There would be an underlying clause that this information is going to be put out in public. It would also double as a support group with a private blog side where PK’s can help each other with similar situations. This Blog would not be open to the public but there would be a more public forum for those comfortable sharing. The Public Forum would be where information for the book would be drawn from.

When someone logs in they give basic location and their church and if they want a description of themselves. If one PK sees that another PK lives near them they can open a private chat and try to get in touch with them. You could even have a search that shows all the accounts of those in your area.

Ultimately if this worked for Preacher’s Kids you could have divisions on the site for different groups and replicate the process. So when you go on the site there would be a home page and then lead offs to Preacher’s Kids, Athletes, Gifted Students, etc.

There would be a suggestions section for people to suggest a group or improvements to the process.

Also the goal would be to produce the book with as little outside help as possible. The book would be the group’s not mine. Artwork for cover could come from in the group. So could Editors. This way that group is helping themselves.

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