Ph.Dad Ep. 2 – Centering with Midwives

In this week’s video, I reference this article about how expensive birth has become in the U.S., ranging between $9,000 – $15,000. We really have been exceptionally lucky, between Lea’s having good health insurance coverage and finding a midwife group that packaged everything up in nice, neat, small payments.

On one hand, it emphasizes the problem with the America’s healthcare system. But on the other side, it also points toward how much sense the midwife process makes.

And of course, the more I’ve learned about parenting and parenting related education and advertising, the more I’ve realized how much fathers are often left out of the process. I understand that this comes from a historical lack of participation from fathers, but I would hazard to say that this is no where near as widespread as it used to be. There are plenty of men who are active and involved parents, but popular culture seems not to have caught up with that yet.

But, at least I know how to breast feed now. Apparently that makes it more likely my partner will successfully breast feed.

I hope you enjoy this week’s video – crazy balloon birthing incident and all!

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