Montessori Inspired Toys

If you’re a regular reader of the Philosophy Matters blog, you’ll know that I’ve recently become very interested in Montessori educational philosophy, and written a few book reviews about some Montessori related works.

Recently the interest changed from professional to personal when I found out my significant other was pregnant with our first child!

After celebrating this awesome news, one of the first things I did was start reading up more on some of the didactic materials and toys that the Montessori education recommends. I discovered, first, that a lot of this information was not well sorted. It took a good bit of digging around in various books and blogs to get the information. In addition, many of the items were expensive.

This got me interested in making some of the items myself, and I’ve been working on creating some items and have opened an Etsy store. I have a some more plans for a little further down the road as well, but I wanted to share the good news and also let you know about the new Etsy store in case you might be interested in any of the items.

Essential Montessori

 Please check out the store!

A few of the items I’ve created:


Wooden Chimes

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