Moral Monday: The Wedding of River Song

The Wedding of River Song

Merry Moral Monday!

Several of us—JustHeath included—here at Philosophy Matters are purveyors of the British science fiction series Doctor Who.  In fact, J J Sylvia, the founder of the website, has even written a very good chapter in a book centered on the philosophy of the television program.  This past Saturday night, I happened to catch an episode on MPB, the Mississippi affiliate of PBS that will serve as a starting point for today’s moral dilemma.

So, come along [Ponds], and…Geronimo!

“The Wedding of River Song” (2011)

In the Series 6 finale, the show’s main protagonist, the Doctor, has to save the entire universe from destruction—a common theme in the 50 year history of the program.  The Doctor’s chief romantic interest is a character by the name of River Song, and without revealing too many spoilers…let’s just say that she seemingly has to decide between letting the Doctor die or having the burden of the obliteration of all time and space being on her shoulders.  It’s probably a bit difficult for most readers to relate to the story penned by Steven Moffat.  However, I’m sure readers can imagine a scenario in which he or she must choose one person’s life over others.  The Dark Knight is full of such situations—in case some find that film more relatable.  One example that comes to my mind is having the knowledge that a loved one has the natural antibodies to resist a deadly disease that is going pandemic.  Again, I have faith in readers to come up with more creative but plausible situations.  Regardless, what would you do?  Take our poll and leave some comments.

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