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Learn How To Meditate

This week’s meditation focus is on learning to simply listen without interpreting. In 8 Minute Meditation, the author explains that often when we hear a noise, we interpret it in some way. For example, if we hear a plane, we start thinking about how annoying the sound is, how close we live to the airport, and on and on. For this week’s meditation, he encourages us to simply hear sounds without creating entire conversations about them:

Just hear it. Not as a plane, but as just sound. Allow that sound to just be what it is and do what it does. In a few moments, the sound, of its own accord, begins fading . . . fading . . . fading . . .

As I tried this, I found it much easier than focusing on the breathing that I was doing last week, because on some level it at least felt like I was doing something – I was listening. Of couse, I did start interpreting now and then, but overall I felt much better about this style of meditation than I did about last weeks.

I’m eager to see how this week progresses.

Try it out and let us know what you think about this style of Naked Sound Meditation!

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