Learning How To Meditate Introduction W1D1

Although I do have some experience with meditating, both in my own life and in leading students at Governor’s School in doing it, I am by no means an expert. Taking the time to meditate regularly and learn more about the practice is something that has been on my todo list for a while now. So I figure – New Year’s is a perfect time to make that a reality! In doing my best to follow the guidelines of creating a good new year’s resolution, I plan to meditate each morning after I finish my coffee.

Then, I’m going to share my experiences here, from what went well, to what went horribly wrong, to my reflections afterward each day. I hope you’ll join me in this experiment. There are plenty of guides out there that explain how to meditate, and why you should meditate, but I’ve found very few that actually walk through the process of learning to meditate and the daily challenges that arise.

I’m going to be using 8 Minute Meditation as a guide, because it walks through several different styles/types/ways to meditate, and I’m interested in seeing what works best for me. Additionally, it only requires 8 minutes a day, which should be short enough to easily stick to and assist in forming the habit of meditating daily.

The first week, we are going to focus only on getting through a single breath at a time.

Try to follow just one full in-and-out cycle of breath. If you can, then follow another. If you can’t, fine. Just start over. – Davich, Victor

Check out my introduction, and please consider joining me in this experiment.  Today is Week 1, Day 1 (W1D1)!

Not sure where to go now? Check out the main meditation page.

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