Learn How To Meditate: W2D4

Learn How To Meditate

This week’s meditation is supposed to focus on Naked Sound – meaning that the goal is to listen to sounds without judging. Part of the challenge has been that there just isn’t much sound to hear! Living in an historic apartment building, I was expecting lots of noise, from creaking boards to noisy neighbors, but actually there was very little. Part of this is probably due to the time of day I was meditating. Late morning is a time when a lot of people aren’t around.

Without many sounds, Roving Mind was definitely present. I’ve seen some people suggest that if you don’t have a lot of ambient sound, then perhaps this isn’t the best form of meditation for you. I’m not sure that’s true though. One of the things I did was focus on sounds that are normally completely blocked out, like the sound of the heater running. This sound is pretty consistent though, so it’s easy to lose that focus, but I think that makes the challenge all the more interesting.

Is anyone else trying this method? What kinds of sounds are you hearing? How are you liking it so far?

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