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Learn How To Meditate

Please also remember that meditation is not causing your wild displays of mind. The truth is that Roving Mind is always present. The major difference is that, for the first time in your life, you’re noticing it and dealing with it in a brand-new, better way. – 8 Minute Meditation

Today was probably the best day of meditation so far. If nothing else, I’m getting more comfortable with allowing thoughts to come and go, like the tide of an ocean. It’s getting easier to have a thought come and let it go, rather than focusing on it and trying to think it through.

I haven’t had any truly upsetting thoughts rise to the surface yet, but I have had others experience this when I’ve led a meditation session, and this quote reminded me of that possibility. If you’ve experienced that, then this is a good time to remember that this is ok. There are a lot of feelings and thoughts that can rise up when we finally let our mind start being more free.

The important thing is not to resist any of the thoughts that come, no matter what they are. Let them come, and then let them go. In and out.

As a philosopher, I’ve spent a lot of time in quiet reflection, and so many of my wild displays of mind came during that time. But not everyone has had that time for quiet reflection or meditation in their life, and if this is your first time meditating, you may be surprised at some of the thoughts you find yourself having. Maybe for the first time you’re thinking about death? Maybe you’re processing some emotions that you’ve been keeping bottled up? Maybe you’re starting to see the world in a way you hadn’t before?

Let it come. But don’t dwell on it.

Has anything surfaced during your meditations that you didn’t expect?



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