Conspire to Evolve

By: LKAwesome

Until I moved to the South I didn’t realize that the teaching of Evolution in schools was still debated over; it was something that wasn’t merely a “theory” like it was treated in many biology classrooms. It was the driving force for all change in biological systems, and yet… largely ignored, spoken about in hushed words, discussed as the “e” word. I intentionally sought out a math teaching position so that I wouldn’t have to deal with the repercussions of teaching evolution in the Deep South. It was, as I was strongly reminded, only the second year that teachers couldn’t be fired for teaching evolution.

Students were bringing notes from their biology class into my room explicitly stating that spontaneous generation was very real, and a possible explanation for why creationism should be taught in a science class. Megan Cannon discussed earlier this week her biology teacher mentioning a scientists who believed in Christianity so that her classmates “… would at least attempt to learn”. Check out this video from Bill Nye on teaching evolution:

This discussion isn’t over, but I just had to start the conversation that conspiracy theories affect more than just the political arena.

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