Introducing Our Newest Co-Author: JustHeath

I’m excited to introduce the newest co-author to Philosophy Matters, Doctor JustHeath. His diverse background in the biological sciences, psychology and counseling makes him a wonderful addition to our collaborative community at Philosophy Matters. I’ve also had the opportunity to see how much fun he can bring to the educational environment, as perhaps my favorite memory of JustHeath is the light-hearted rivalry between two of our past classes, which culminated with an epic silly string battle. JustHeath has already been contributing his thoughts and ideas for interesting posts to the site for many months, and as a fellow Doctor Who enthusiast, I’m confident that this Doctor will be bringing new adventures to Philosophy Matters!


JustHeath has undergraduate degrees in both biological sciences and psychology and a master’s degree in school counseling.  In addition, he has a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology.  He endeavors not to take himself (or life) too seriously; hence, “JustHeath.”  In addition to having been a mental health therapist, he has facilitated a variety of interdisciplinary courses at the high school, undergraduate, and graduate levels of education.  Currently, he practices his arts and sciences at a specialized high school for gifted adolescents.

Very little is known about this man, myth, and legend, but it is said that he is both a consumer and purveyor of a vast and dense spectrum of knowledge.  He enjoys one-liners and witty witticisms, and he definitely believes that philosophy matters!  Speaking of philosophy, two of JustHeath’s guiding axioms are “Expect nothing…but plan for everything” and “Simplify the complex while minimizing complicating the simple.”

JustHeath intends to blog about a variety of things that he finds interesting and thinks may be useful for others to critically ponder.  A common theme will be illuminating the interdisciplinary nature of philosophy, biology, and psychology.  He plans to dissect human behavioral research, mythos, and pop culture vis-a-vis a unique perspective.   If nothing else, he hopes to expand readers’ lexicons and to stimulate their neuronal pathways.  Fear not because his blogs will not be as esoteric as his biography.

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