Exciting Announcements and Updates

In an effort to continually improve both my own life and the Philosophy Matters blog, we will be implementing some changes over the next few weeks. Recently I faced a great deal of stress at work and my grandmother passed away, and these two events combined got me to sit down and reflect on where my life is, where I want to be, and how to get it there.

1. New Contributors 

As far as this site goes, my love for it and for blogging remains constant, but I did realize I was feeling overwhelmed by the number of posts I was writing each week. This was also preventing me from devoting more time to some of the bigger goals of Philosophy Matters, such as developing community outreach projects. While I will continue blogging a couple times a week, I am also working to bring on board some new authors for the blog who will contribute by looking at the world through their areas of expertise. Through these added perspectives, we will see how philosophy, and the critical thinking skills developed therein, can contribute to all areas of life.

I’m really excited about these changes, the new contributors I’m working with, and the impact this will have on the Philosophy Matters community, as well as the added time to continue working on other related goals! I hope you will share my enthusiasm for the newest changes.

2. Philosophy Matters Book

The first related goal I plan to focus on is a Philosophy Matters book related to the good life, and I plan to launch a Kickstarter project in the near future. I will be asking for support in raising the money for this project, and hope you can support the project! I may ask for some feedback in developing different reward levels as well.

3. New Products

Another exciting announcement is that we will slowly be expanding our store. Buying products featured in the store is a way to contribute to the Philosophy Matters cause and help us pay for things like the cost of hosting! Check out our new store and our two newest products below:

Philosophy Matters Mug

Ponder the big questions over a cup of coffee. Quote on the other side reads: Coffee makes us severe and grave and philosophical. – Jonathan Swift

Philosophy Matters Shirt

Socrates often challenged his fellow citizens to come up with a universal definition for terms they were discussing. Talking about this in class has led my students to take up the issue of what, exactly, a t-shirt is. Whenever I wear this shirt, I always get asked questions 🙂

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