Why Meditation Matters: 33 Reasons to Meditate

Meditation photo by http://www.flickr.com/photos/hape_gera/

I’ve tried meditation on and off a few times over the course of my life, but recently I’ve wanted to make a more concentrated effort at a long-term practice. I’d really like to meditate daily. I’m going to be sharing my experiences here, but to kick things off, I wanted to share some of the benefits of meditation that I’ve seen during my research. Check out these claims:

  1. Stay healthier
  2. Sharpen mental focus
  3. Gain more power over your emotions
  4. Improved concentration
  5. Less bothered by little things
  6. Knowledge of self
  7. Leave all your worries behind with a daily mental vacation
  8. Calms down your restless thinking
  9. Frees your mind from negative thinking
  10. Understand things faster
  11. Become more patient
  12. Become more tolerant
  13. Become more considerate
  14. Increase your inner strength
  15. Understand who you really are
  16. Reduce stress
  17. Decrease muscle tension
  18. Reduce anxiety
  19. Enhances energy
  20. Builds Confidence
  21. Helps living in the present moment
  22. Develop will power
  23. Relaxation
  24. Helps with weight loss
  25. Helps with healing
  26. Increases creativity
  27. Develops intuition
  28. Increased job satisfaction
  29. Helps keep things in perspective
  30. Improved memory
  31. Increased empathy
  32. Easier to quit bad habits
  33. Able to see the bigger picture
What’s most interesting to me is that there are different types of mediation. The most popular one is meditating by clearing your mind, but there are also focused, thoughtful meditations. I’m going to give several different types a try in order to see what works best for me.

Have you ever tried meditating? What do you think about this list of benefits? Let us know in the comments.

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