Mardi Gras Half Marathon

As I slowly inch toward turning 30, one thing that’s hit me is how many things I still want to do and achieve in my life, compared to the pace at which I’ve done them so far. And a large part of that is admitting to myself that I’ve never actually put 100% effort into anything.

I’ve already been working pretty hard on self improvement over the past year or so, losing 30 pounds, reading more, giving up soda, eating better, etc. Elana has recently been training for a half marathon, and I’ve done a few of her longer runs with her, including a 10 mile one. One of our friends said to me that if I’d done that, I might as well go ahead and do the whole thing.

And for some reason, that has continued to bounce around my head again and again. Why not do it? Why not push myself that little bit extra? I really haven’t challenged myself very much. Sure, I’ve accomplished plenty of things in my life that I’m proud of, but if I’m reflecting honestly, I rarely ever challenge myself and attempt to push myself out of my comfort zones. And isn’t that really the only way we ever grow?

I wasn’t really happy with  my new year’s resolutions this year, and even though it’s a bit late, I’m making a new one right now for this, the year I turn 30: to challenge myself in every way possible from now on. I’m tired of the “what ifs?” I’m standing up and pushing as hard as I can from now on.

The first two challenges I’ve already identified:

1. I’ve signed up for the Mardi Gras Half Marathon with Elana. This is part of a larger push to challenge myself physically and overcome the plateau I’ve never been able to overcome before.

2. To really concentrate on this blog and work on growing it into the project I hope it can become.

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